nia fraizer

Nia Sioux Frazier (born June 20, 2001) is an eleven-year-old dancer at the Abby Lee Dance Company since the age of three.[1] She is the daughter of Evan and Holly Frazier, and the sister of Evan and William Frazier. She is in sixth grade.

Abby has Nia portray many different ethnicities, such as Indian, but Holly doesn't like it. Although Abby doesn't give her much attention and Nia isn't the strongest dancer, she keeps striving to become one. During the first season-and-a-half, Nia was usually at the bottom of the pyramid, though sometimes in the middle, and once at the top in The Runaway Mom for her positive attitude. During the second half of season two, Nia was placed at the top twice, and won an ALDC scholarship for 2012 most improved dance student in The Recital to End All Recitals. In The Competition Begins, she talks about a crown she bought because she had to have one and that she hasn't won one yet, but Holly says the time was coming when she would win one. At the competition, she along with the other girls try to cheer up Paige after Paige is accidentally burned by Kelly's curling iron. During the group performance, Abby remarks that Nia is late. In Wildly Inappropriate, Abby asks Nia how she thought she did at West Coast and Nia says she could have improved and that she needed to work on pointing her feet, which Abby agrees with, saying she was sloppy. After the "Electricity" group dance and awards, Nia says one of the reasons they may not have won because the dance was a little inappropriate and Holly and Christi agree. In Cheerleader Blues, Chloe and Nia are told by Abby that their moms were upset by the costumes. ===Season Two===
In Miami Heat Wave, Nia is given a solo, but when she performs it for the first time, she forgets the moves and runs off the floor. Holly talks to the manager about letting Nia perform again, and she is granted the opportunity. On her second try, Nia finishes the dance and comes in third in her age category to Maddie and Chloe, who won first and second, respectively.


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