brooke marie hyland

Brooke Marie Hyland (born January 30, 1998) is the oldest dancer of the group in the show. She is the daughter of Randy and Kelly Hyland, and older sister of Josh and Paige Hyland. She is in ninth grade.

Brooke used to be one of Abby's favorites, but as she got older, she began to lose some interest in dance. She is a very talented acrobatics dancer, known for her contortion tricks. Brooke dreams to one day perform in Cirque Du Soleil.[1] Outside of Dance Moms, Brooke is a member of a more senior dance group at the Abby Lee Dance Company, but her mother wanted her to appear on television alongside her sister.

In July of 2012, Brooke's first music single "Summer Love Song" was released on iTunes, and at one point, made it to the top 20.

Actually she let the team and now equal her sister,she live a normal life,

In 2013 she launched her album called "Brooke Hyland" and her song "I hurt"